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How to GET D Points?

Action Earn Limited Conditions
Register 50 Once per new account
Confirm your e-mail 100 Once per uncomfirmed account
Shop from us Commodity Price Unlimited
Write a review 20-40 Unlimited
Post images 50-500 Unlimited
Upload a video 100-200 Unlimited
Check in to earn D points 1-12 Earn D points once every day

Write a review and get up to 500 D points and up to $100 Cash.

How to USE D Points?

Exchange Limited
50 D points = $1 20% maximun of goods price on each order

Note: To use D points, you must have at least 50 D points in your account.

The guidelines of using D points

(1) Some specially discounted products cannot be discounted further with D Points.
(2) Orders which have use D points for part payment cannot participate in certain activities.
(3) The amount of D points gained are not affected by coupon.
For example: commodity value = $10, use 10% off coupon = $9 payable, you receive 10 D points.
(4) Orders which use D points for part payment cannot themselves go on to receive D points! reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions. Please feel free to contact us at DressLily Support Center if you have any questions!


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