What to Wear to Oktoberfest 2022

Originated in Germany, Oktoberfest, is the world’s most popular beer-themed festival and the world’s largest national festival, for celebrating the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in the beginning.

It usually continues for two weeks. This year, it will start on Saturday, September 17th, and ends on Monday, October 3rd.

Oktoberfest in Munich is famous not only because it is the largest folk carnival in the world, but also because it preserves the Bavarian folk style and customs intact. During Oktoberfest, filled with a “beer atmosphere” everywhere, various beer and food stalls on the streets bring joy and vitality to the whole city. Beers are transported in ornate horse-drawn carriages; people sips in giant beer tents, enjoy folk tunes and heady ballad tunes performed by the Bavarian brass band, and watch colorful and variety of entertainments, such as drama performances and national concerts at the same time.

To celebrate Oktoberfest, people are keen to wear their national clothes. As early as the mid-17th century, noble women of Bavarian upper society wore this kind of clothing. It is similar in style to an apron, which features an open neck, exposed chest, corseted waist, lace-up design, puff sleeves, and some exquisite bows and ruffles on the dress.

The Dirndl is the traditional Bavarian dress code, where women will wear their traditional dresses at Oktoberfest.

However, as a traveler, it is best if you can follow the customs and wear the traditional Bavarian costume to Oktoberfest, but if you haven’t and want to stand out from the crowd, then the following similar dresses may be helpful to you.

The similar dirndl dress patterned in classic yet preppy plaid checks is styled with a corset-style waistband with lace-up straps to adjust the fit, a polished ruched bust, trend-right puff sleeves, and a square neck accentuated with frilled trims.

Retro meets casual in this perfect two-piece set, done with a shoulder-baring top with frilled trims and puff sleeves, a matching suspender skirt, classic checks, and styling with crossing shoulder straps.  

This 2-in-1 dip hem dress styled with inviting opening shoulder cutouts accented with frilled trims puff sleeves,corset-inspired lace-up straps waist, and vintage paisley print at the skirt, gives an illusion of a two-piece set.

The alluring shoulder-baring plaid dress with frilled trims and puff sleeves, and a matching suspender skirt with adjustable straps and a lace-up waistband, perfectly layer and balance well for a dirndl-dress look.

The flattering off-the-shoulder white dress with a high waist and half sleeves, and a dusty pink skirt with a corset-style adjustable lace-up waistband, are a perfect match and create a chic dress look.

In the golden autumn season, the temperature difference between day and night, if your carnival during the day is still unfinished, you may need a chic jacket at night.

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