A complete collection of fashion dress styles In 2022, which one are you missing?

The love for beauty is common to all human, which has nothing to do with age. I believe that girls have countless dresses in their wardrobe, but no matter how many dresses their buy, they always feel that they lack a suitable dress when they go out to shopping, travel, date, or even hanging out. In fact, The quality of dresses rather than quantity that counts. It’s important for you to pick correct and suitable dresses according to the style.

Today I would like to share with you an online store, named Dresslily, which really focuses on launching products, both in terms of design and styles. With these 9 styles of dresses, you no longer have to worry about what to wear when you go out, whether it is a daily commute, date or vacation, because they will be perfectly satisfied with you. There is no girl in the world who does not need them.

It is especially suitable for wearing floral dresses in spring and summer. The flowers are clustered but scattered on dresses, which have both layers and rich colors, beautiful and advanced.

This summer in 2022, Dresslily considerately has prepared 614 kinds of floral dresses for you to choose from.

You might as well try this sundress that I have carefully selected for you, combined sunflower with bamboo pattern. The layers of the shades are superimposed and the fresh color matching makes the whole dress look unconventional and very elegant. Coupled with the design of black stripes, it amps up the chic.

Wearing this versatile dress, girls will look lively and youthful, while mature women will look more elegant and intellectual.

  • Denim skirt

The texture of the denim skirt is unique, which has been popular for many years and it is not outdated. The ways of matching are more and more abundant and more fashionable. In addition, denim skirts are very practical and are a must-have style for going out in summer, which are refreshing, ladylike, cute and fashionable.

The denim skirt I recommend for you today incorporates a ripped hole design, plus the raw edge details of the skirt, which is simple and stylish. Pair it with a basic tee in summer and a thin knit in spring for an effortlessly stylish look.

Bohemian dress

No girl can miss a boho dress. Bohemian style is a style that represents romance, freedom and folklore, and this style is also popular among the masses. Moreover, bohemian style has complex colors and complicated patterns, giving people a strong sense of visual impact , so young people like this style. Bohemian dresses with romantic colors, many ladies like to wear them on vacation, especially when they are going to beach or seaside.

Dresslily picks this classic boho-inspired dress for you. Flaunt your pretty shoulders in this dress that drapes beautifully in a breeze ankle-length silhouette and covers in a ditsy-floral print with cinched front and a shirred back to shape the perfect fit. And special pattern in sleeve and hem amps up the chic.

Cut out dress

One of the most popular elements for 2022 this year is hollowing out. Proper cutouts can add a little sexiness and show off your figure.

Looking at this dress. Although the whole dress is pure color without any pattern, it boldly adopts cut out design and then matches it with tied details, as well as the adoption of puff sleeves, sweetheart collar, and ruffles on the dress hem, making this piece looks sweet yet a little sexy. It’s perfect to wear to participate in a garden party.

Pure white dress

The pure white dress is especially suitable for summer, because this color is not only the basic color, but also very fresh and atmospheric, which can easily create a fairy-like sense of sight, no matter how you wear it, you won’t go wrong.

This kind of dress with shirred details, ruffle and cut out design to amp up the sweetness. And the hem flutters with the movement makes you look like fairy.

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