6 Best Swimwear Websites to Follow In 2022

Unwittingly, it’s midsummer!

Swimming is the most summer heat and relaxation of self exercise. As a special and wonderful group, Women can not be like men so casual swim shorts to get while swimming, to carefully select swimwear.

When selecting, you need to pay attention to your own characteristics. Both slightly plump and thin figures can show their own advantages with the proper swimsuits. If you take notice, you will find that all kinds of swimsuits outline the female image is very different, the summer heat at the same time can not be improperly dressed because of swimsuits and lose your temperament and beauty.

So how do you choose the right swimwear for you?

Actually, the key to wearing swimwear is to make the best of the advantage and avoid shortcomings. If you’re playing in a public swimming pool or water park, it’s a good idea to wear a sports one-piece swimsuit. If you are sunbathing at the beach or attending a private pool party, then it’s different, wearing a bikini will come in handy. If you are thin and high, then your weapons are legs, waist, arms and collarbone, decisively choose the split bikini, the upper body can choose with lace and fringe style, this sense of expansion will make your upper circumference look more three-dimensional some. If you have thick legs, you must choose a swimsuit with a skirt, and the skirt should be wide, it is best to cover the thighs, or dark in the waistline and middle, light on both sides, so that others will mistake you for being thin.

And where you can pick the suitable swimwear?

Because of the variety of swimwear on the market, in addition to bikinis, one-piece, tankinis, split swimsuits and so many other styles. Even the same bikinis can be divided into bustier, halter tie, bandeau, etc. So many people do not know where to start when choosing. That’s why today we will introduce some swimwear brands to you.


LIDO is named after Lido di Venezia, a sandbar island south of Venice. The extreme simplicity of the style makes this swimwear brand sweep the swimwear closet of many fashion celebrities in a few months, and constantly appear on the summer beach.

LIDO’s swimsuit style is not much, and the design is very simple. The colors are mainly dark green, dark blue, red and black, combined with cross lines, a large U back and other designs to create six one-piece swimsuits and split swimsuits.

The charming simplicity, mixed with a touch of lazy romance, is not easily outdated, but also beautiful senior not gaudy. Its swimsuit wrapping is strong but does not make people feel too exposed or sexy, you feel natural and temperament. Even some girls who are not confident about their body can wear a personal style.


PALE is an independent swimwear brand from Spain. In the world of swimwear everywhere to promote sexy and sweetness, PALE has broken out of the fierce encirclement with its unique sense of high abstinence. The style of PALE is few and fine, and there are not too many popular elements, but they are very durable, not excessively exposed but also show the charm of femininity, at least, it will not go out of style in a few years.

And PALE swimwear is not particularly picky, regardless of whether you are big-breasted or poor breasts, slim or fleshy, it can take care of it at all. PALE also carries a strong shadow of Barcelona, both simple and artistic, both retro and literary. Among them, the solid color style looks the most advanced, simple lines are charming enough, suitable for the high-cold girls who refuse to strike up a conversation with them.


The Brazilian swimwear band Haight differs from traditional swimwear with their simple and chic designs, as if you could throw on a pair of jeans or a skirt at any time and be ready to head out to the beach.

Designer Marcella Franklin hides an unrestrained South American temperament in a modern, minimalist aesthetic silhouette. Sexy wine red, gorgeous sunset reds, as well as brisk green, and bright blue, these rich South American hues are blended into the clean, crisp line.

Haight’s fashion design uses simple, sharp lines, a wide version of low-cut backs, and color blocking, which is both outstanding and figure-skimming. Designer Marcella once said that he wanted to create swimwear for girls who are modern, mature, independent, and loved the sea.

Whether they want to walk on the beach in style or make these swimsuits in comfortable, premium fabrics a stylish addition to their evening wear, Haight can be a new addition to their wardrobe.

LIDO, PALE, And Haight, although they are niche brands on swimwear, their prices may be a little more expensive. So Do we have some less expensive but better quality swimwear brands to introduce to you? Yes, there are some cost-effective online swimwear fast fashion brands below for you to choose from, such as Shein, Zaful, Dresslily, etc.


Shein started with wedding dresses, but as the demand for swimwear expanded, it turned its attention to the more segmented swimwear market. Now Shein’s swimwear development has become increasingly matured and gained a large market share. Shein’s swimwear is mainly bikini two-piece sets, but also one-piece, swim tops, swim bottoms, cover-ups, etc. Its swimwear is bold and rich in color, solid but not plain, with a wide range of printed patterns, following the fashion trends; various split swimsuits of styles, sexy and highlighting the body; and the diverse sizes, accommodating any body shape.


Unlike Shein, Zaful started with swimwear and positioned itself as a fast-fashion brand for youth aged 18-28. Zaful chose to start from the sub-category of swimwear because of the advantage of the swimwear. Nowadays, everyone has always many holidays and will choose the beach for leisure vacations, which makes swimwear a high-frequency consumption category. At the same time, swimwear is a market with young people as the main audience. Most young people are highly receptive to new things, the pursuit of quality,and more importantly, personality and fashion. To meet the demand, Zaful creates diverse and changeable product styles, and is easily favored by young people.

Monochromatic bikini swimsuits, designed using simple and neat lines, both excellent and modify the figure; one-piece swimsuits can easily reveal the beauty of the breasted lines, making the whole temperament incomparable; bold color, printed and cut-out swimsuits elongate proportion and shift the focus of the body; twist, bow, ruffles swimsuits increases the weight of the chest and make the chest look more three-dimensional; cover-ups and skirts make the pelvis even smaller.


Dresslily swimwear is based on the two-piece tankini set, ruffle flounce tankini top with high waist swim bottoms. Which can not only cover the tummy but also show your good figure like the bikinis. In addition to the tankini swimwear, Dresslily also prepares bikinis, one-piece, and cover-ups for you to choose from. From the statement print with bright, bold color to the classic yet never-get-out of style black and white, from the simple and neat line to the well-designed cut-out, from the solid color style to mix and match suit, from size S to plus size 5X, Dresslily always can capture the lastest trends more quickly and flexibly and provide the matching items that meet the consumption habits and aesthetic needs of consumers.

Shein and Zaful swimwear are mainly for young people, and their main swimwear products are bikinis, which give the impression of being sexy and fewer fabrics, and not very inclusive of the body figure. And they have a diverse range of items, which is not conducive to customers’ accurate selection. While Dresslily’s swimwear is not numerous, its styles are enough full and complete. Its tankinis will not be overly exposed but also show the charm of femininity, and the classic print will not be outdated in a few years. And Dresslily’s swimwear is not picky, whether your are big breasts or poor breasts, slim or sensual, it all can take into account. Dresslily may be a better online shopping platform for choosing to buy swimwear.

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