What to Wear to Oktoberfest 2022

Originated in Germany, Oktoberfest, is the world’s most popular beer-themed festival and the world’s largest national festival, for celebrating the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen in the beginning.

It usually continues for two weeks. This year, it will start on Saturday, September 17th, and ends on Monday, October 3rd.

Oktoberfest in Munich is famous not only because it is the largest folk carnival in the world, but also because it preserves the Bavarian folk style and customs intact. During Oktoberfest, filled with a “beer atmosphere” everywhere, various beer and food stalls on the streets bring joy and vitality to the whole city. Beers are transported in ornate horse-drawn carriages; people sips in giant beer tents, enjoy folk tunes and heady ballad tunes performed by the Bavarian brass band, and watch colorful and variety of entertainments, such as drama performances and national concerts at the same time.

To celebrate Oktoberfest, people are keen to wear their national clothes. As early as the mid-17th century, noble women of Bavarian upper society wore this kind of clothing. It is similar in style to an apron, which features an open neck, exposed chest, corseted waist, lace-up design, puff sleeves, and some exquisite bows and ruffles on the dress.

The Dirndl is the traditional Bavarian dress code, where women will wear their traditional dresses at Oktoberfest.

However, as a traveler, it is best if you can follow the customs and wear the traditional Bavarian costume to Oktoberfest, but if you haven’t and want to stand out from the crowd, then the following similar dresses may be helpful to you.

The similar dirndl dress patterned in classic yet preppy plaid checks is styled with a corset-style waistband with lace-up straps to adjust the fit, a polished ruched bust, trend-right puff sleeves, and a square neck accentuated with frilled trims.

Retro meets casual in this perfect two-piece set, done with a shoulder-baring top with frilled trims and puff sleeves, a matching suspender skirt, classic checks, and styling with crossing shoulder straps.  

This 2-in-1 dip hem dress styled with inviting opening shoulder cutouts accented with frilled trims puff sleeves,corset-inspired lace-up straps waist, and vintage paisley print at the skirt, gives an illusion of a two-piece set.

The alluring shoulder-baring plaid dress with frilled trims and puff sleeves, and a matching suspender skirt with adjustable straps and a lace-up waistband, perfectly layer and balance well for a dirndl-dress look.

The flattering off-the-shoulder white dress with a high waist and half sleeves, and a dusty pink skirt with a corset-style adjustable lace-up waistband, are a perfect match and create a chic dress look.

In the golden autumn season, the temperature difference between day and night, if your carnival during the day is still unfinished, you may need a chic jacket at night.

Topstitching PU Leather Jacket
Drop Shoulder Hooded Corduroy Jacket
Drop Shoulder Corduroy Crop Jacket
Ripped Light Wash Denim Jacket

Shopping Guide for Fall 2022 Trends on Dresslily

It is about to take off the summer clothes and usher in the cool autumn. Are you still worried about buying autumn clothes?

Incorporating popular elements into various styles of clothes, Dresslily keeps up vogue, launching several autumn items for customer.

Here is a shoppable guide of the fall 2022 trends to wear this season and a handpicked edit of the pieces our editors are buying now.


Tie dye sweatshirt/Hoodie

The colors without any sense of conflict are mixed together to make people shine. The tie dye sweater adds a bright color to autumn.

Tie Dye Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie

Colorful Tie Dye Raglan Sleeve Hoodie

Lace Up Pastel Color Tie Dye Hoodie

Plaid Shirt

Plaid is a timeless classic element, bringing calm & mature when wearing, which is suitable for autumn.

Ombre Pocket Patches Plaid Print Shirt

Knit Top

Soft & comfortable, the knit tops are simple yet chic, which are versatile pieces. Casually paired with a pair of high-waisted pants, you can easily highlight the waistline.

Drop Shoulder Plain Color Textured Knit Top Rainbow Pattern Knit Top


Hooded Dress

Due to comfort and chic, Hooded dress is suitable for daily and commute, which also can bring the sense of vitality.

Plaid Overlap Midi Hooded Dress Slit Longline Hooded Top & Floral Lace Dress

Plain Lace Up Drawstring Hooded Dress Galaxy Starry Print Lace Up Hooded Dress

High Low Dress

The front and back of the dress are not the same length, which makes it look more layered and designed. When walking, it make you look light and swaying, playful and aura.

Crisscross Floral Open Shoulder High Low Dress  Guipure Plaid Sweetheart High Low Dress


Denim 3D Print

Denim 3D print was gradually preferred by people, which can not only be as fashionable and fresh as denim clothing, but also get rid of the heavy weight of denim fabric.

Denim 3D Print Outfit

Colorful Denim 3D Print Outfit

Gothic Style

With the popularation for neutral style, gothic style gradually comes into view. Wearing gothic outfit can make you look punk and cool. It is also a perfect choice for Halloween.

Butterfly Sleeve Lace Up Gothic Outfit

Fishnet Insert Gothic Outfit

There are more new autumn pieces in Dresslily.

Browse and Shop Now!

Get an Appropriate Outfit To Welcome the Halloween

Halloween is on the way, are you starting to be excited?
Pumpkins, ghosts, spiders, bats, black cats, terrible castles, horrible moon nights, orange color…all of the popular fashion elements are crashing into us.
Are you looking for some chic costumes to refresh your spooky night this year?
Here are some high fashion inspiration items we have prepared for you to welcome the coming Halloween Days.

Look 1: Black Cat Moon Tree Branches Print Open Front Long Coat

Dressing up in this piece is perfect for getting into the creepy spirit night to complete a cool look by pairing it with a pin crop top, eyelet straps pants, black chokers, and dark eye makeup.

Look 2: Pumpkin Ghost Bat Bright Moon Night Print Asymmetric Dress

The bright moonlit night lights up the black and illuminates what is hidden in the darkness, just as this dress is more than capable of showing off your hidden figure at a Halloween party. Adding a pair of opera gloves and a matching chain necklace to create an elegant Halloween look.

Look 3: Lace Up Ripped Flare Sleeve High Slit Maxi Dress

The long nights are close in on, a chill is in the air, and the leaves are sprinkling down their shadows, – it’stime for the witch to shine. Dressing up in this dress, a witch hat fishnet tights and a high boots for being a pretty witch to add the vibes to Halloween night.

Look 4: Psychedelic Pumpkin Mushroom Print A Line Dress

It’s no doubt that the trippy print dress will be your sharp weapon for Halloween night. Pairing it with a witch cap, opera gloves, spider web tights and high boots will make you stunning and exhilarating all night.

Look 5: Cold Shoulder Rose Skull Print Mesh Corset Waist Asymmetric Dress

Get the feminine look of a lace-up waist sheer mesh asymmetric dress fashioned with skull rose flower patterned to add some scarlet romance and the opening shoulders bring the inviting flair to your Halloween look.

Look 6: Skeleton Riding Horse Bat Print Curved Hem Graphic Hoodie

Hoodie, long sleeves, and pullover are just great for a chilly Halloween night! The active skeleton riding horse graphic and orange color combine together to make you have a warm yet happy Halloween.

In addition to the Halloween new arrival items, we also prepare some outfits to choose from.

Look 7: The Nifty Ladies’ Gambit

Take the off-the-shoulder Halloween pattern graphic knit top to perfect pair with the lace-up high low suspender skirt for a cool chic look by adding the spider web tights and boots.

Look 8: Mysterious Elegant Miss Pretty Witch

To make a splash in your enjoyable Halloween night, match the contrasting lace mesh vintage dress with a bat print hat, butterfly hand skeleton chain mask, and spider earrings to create an elegant witch look.

Look9: Eerily peaceful Moonlit Night

Put on the printed asymmetric dress with matching spider web earrings and round belt to become a refreshing stream on noisy crazy Halloween night.

If want to know more Halloween information, please come to our Halloween Collections: https://www.dresslily.com/halloween-c-396.html?odr=hot

6 Best Swimwear Websites to Follow In 2022

Unwittingly, it’s midsummer!

Swimming is the most summer heat and relaxation of self exercise. As a special and wonderful group, Women can not be like men so casual swim shorts to get while swimming, to carefully select swimwear.

When selecting, you need to pay attention to your own characteristics. Both slightly plump and thin figures can show their own advantages with the proper swimsuits. If you take notice, you will find that all kinds of swimsuits outline the female image is very different, the summer heat at the same time can not be improperly dressed because of swimsuits and lose your temperament and beauty.

So how do you choose the right swimwear for you?

Actually, the key to wearing swimwear is to make the best of the advantage and avoid shortcomings. If you’re playing in a public swimming pool or water park, it’s a good idea to wear a sports one-piece swimsuit. If you are sunbathing at the beach or attending a private pool party, then it’s different, wearing a bikini will come in handy. If you are thin and high, then your weapons are legs, waist, arms and collarbone, decisively choose the split bikini, the upper body can choose with lace and fringe style, this sense of expansion will make your upper circumference look more three-dimensional some. If you have thick legs, you must choose a swimsuit with a skirt, and the skirt should be wide, it is best to cover the thighs, or dark in the waistline and middle, light on both sides, so that others will mistake you for being thin.

And where you can pick the suitable swimwear?

Because of the variety of swimwear on the market, in addition to bikinis, one-piece, tankinis, split swimsuits and so many other styles. Even the same bikinis can be divided into bustier, halter tie, bandeau, etc. So many people do not know where to start when choosing. That’s why today we will introduce some swimwear brands to you.


LIDO is named after Lido di Venezia, a sandbar island south of Venice. The extreme simplicity of the style makes this swimwear brand sweep the swimwear closet of many fashion celebrities in a few months, and constantly appear on the summer beach.

LIDO’s swimsuit style is not much, and the design is very simple. The colors are mainly dark green, dark blue, red and black, combined with cross lines, a large U back and other designs to create six one-piece swimsuits and split swimsuits.

The charming simplicity, mixed with a touch of lazy romance, is not easily outdated, but also beautiful senior not gaudy. Its swimsuit wrapping is strong but does not make people feel too exposed or sexy, you feel natural and temperament. Even some girls who are not confident about their body can wear a personal style.


PALE is an independent swimwear brand from Spain. In the world of swimwear everywhere to promote sexy and sweetness, PALE has broken out of the fierce encirclement with its unique sense of high abstinence. The style of PALE is few and fine, and there are not too many popular elements, but they are very durable, not excessively exposed but also show the charm of femininity, at least, it will not go out of style in a few years.

And PALE swimwear is not particularly picky, regardless of whether you are big-breasted or poor breasts, slim or fleshy, it can take care of it at all. PALE also carries a strong shadow of Barcelona, both simple and artistic, both retro and literary. Among them, the solid color style looks the most advanced, simple lines are charming enough, suitable for the high-cold girls who refuse to strike up a conversation with them.


The Brazilian swimwear band Haight differs from traditional swimwear with their simple and chic designs, as if you could throw on a pair of jeans or a skirt at any time and be ready to head out to the beach.

Designer Marcella Franklin hides an unrestrained South American temperament in a modern, minimalist aesthetic silhouette. Sexy wine red, gorgeous sunset reds, as well as brisk green, and bright blue, these rich South American hues are blended into the clean, crisp line.

Haight’s fashion design uses simple, sharp lines, a wide version of low-cut backs, and color blocking, which is both outstanding and figure-skimming. Designer Marcella once said that he wanted to create swimwear for girls who are modern, mature, independent, and loved the sea.

Whether they want to walk on the beach in style or make these swimsuits in comfortable, premium fabrics a stylish addition to their evening wear, Haight can be a new addition to their wardrobe.

LIDO, PALE, And Haight, although they are niche brands on swimwear, their prices may be a little more expensive. So Do we have some less expensive but better quality swimwear brands to introduce to you? Yes, there are some cost-effective online swimwear fast fashion brands below for you to choose from, such as Shein, Zaful, Dresslily, etc.


Shein started with wedding dresses, but as the demand for swimwear expanded, it turned its attention to the more segmented swimwear market. Now Shein’s swimwear development has become increasingly matured and gained a large market share. Shein’s swimwear is mainly bikini two-piece sets, but also one-piece, swim tops, swim bottoms, cover-ups, etc. Its swimwear is bold and rich in color, solid but not plain, with a wide range of printed patterns, following the fashion trends; various split swimsuits of styles, sexy and highlighting the body; and the diverse sizes, accommodating any body shape.


Unlike Shein, Zaful started with swimwear and positioned itself as a fast-fashion brand for youth aged 18-28. Zaful chose to start from the sub-category of swimwear because of the advantage of the swimwear. Nowadays, everyone has always many holidays and will choose the beach for leisure vacations, which makes swimwear a high-frequency consumption category. At the same time, swimwear is a market with young people as the main audience. Most young people are highly receptive to new things, the pursuit of quality,and more importantly, personality and fashion. To meet the demand, Zaful creates diverse and changeable product styles, and is easily favored by young people.

Monochromatic bikini swimsuits, designed using simple and neat lines, both excellent and modify the figure; one-piece swimsuits can easily reveal the beauty of the breasted lines, making the whole temperament incomparable; bold color, printed and cut-out swimsuits elongate proportion and shift the focus of the body; twist, bow, ruffles swimsuits increases the weight of the chest and make the chest look more three-dimensional; cover-ups and skirts make the pelvis even smaller.


Dresslily swimwear is based on the two-piece tankini set, ruffle flounce tankini top with high waist swim bottoms. Which can not only cover the tummy but also show your good figure like the bikinis. In addition to the tankini swimwear, Dresslily also prepares bikinis, one-piece, and cover-ups for you to choose from. From the statement print with bright, bold color to the classic yet never-get-out of style black and white, from the simple and neat line to the well-designed cut-out, from the solid color style to mix and match suit, from size S to plus size 5X, Dresslily always can capture the lastest trends more quickly and flexibly and provide the matching items that meet the consumption habits and aesthetic needs of consumers.

Shein and Zaful swimwear are mainly for young people, and their main swimwear products are bikinis, which give the impression of being sexy and fewer fabrics, and not very inclusive of the body figure. And they have a diverse range of items, which is not conducive to customers’ accurate selection. While Dresslily’s swimwear is not numerous, its styles are enough full and complete. Its tankinis will not be overly exposed but also show the charm of femininity, and the classic print will not be outdated in a few years. And Dresslily’s swimwear is not picky, whether your are big breasts or poor breasts, slim or sensual, it all can take into account. Dresslily may be a better online shopping platform for choosing to buy swimwear.

A complete collection of fashion dress styles In 2022, which one are you missing?

The love for beauty is common to all human, which has nothing to do with age. I believe that girls have countless dresses in their wardrobe, but no matter how many dresses their buy, they always feel that they lack a suitable dress when they go out to shopping, travel, date, or even hanging out. In fact, The quality of dresses rather than quantity that counts. It’s important for you to pick correct and suitable dresses according to the style.

Today I would like to share with you an online store, named Dresslily, which really focuses on launching products, both in terms of design and styles. With these 9 styles of dresses, you no longer have to worry about what to wear when you go out, whether it is a daily commute, date or vacation, because they will be perfectly satisfied with you. There is no girl in the world who does not need them.

It is especially suitable for wearing floral dresses in spring and summer. The flowers are clustered but scattered on dresses, which have both layers and rich colors, beautiful and advanced.

This summer in 2022, Dresslily considerately has prepared 614 kinds of floral dresses for you to choose from.

You might as well try this sundress that I have carefully selected for you, combined sunflower with bamboo pattern. The layers of the shades are superimposed and the fresh color matching makes the whole dress look unconventional and very elegant. Coupled with the design of black stripes, it amps up the chic.

Wearing this versatile dress, girls will look lively and youthful, while mature women will look more elegant and intellectual.

  • Denim skirt

The texture of the denim skirt is unique, which has been popular for many years and it is not outdated. The ways of matching are more and more abundant and more fashionable. In addition, denim skirts are very practical and are a must-have style for going out in summer, which are refreshing, ladylike, cute and fashionable.

The denim skirt I recommend for you today incorporates a ripped hole design, plus the raw edge details of the skirt, which is simple and stylish. Pair it with a basic tee in summer and a thin knit in spring for an effortlessly stylish look.

Bohemian dress

No girl can miss a boho dress. Bohemian style is a style that represents romance, freedom and folklore, and this style is also popular among the masses. Moreover, bohemian style has complex colors and complicated patterns, giving people a strong sense of visual impact , so young people like this style. Bohemian dresses with romantic colors, many ladies like to wear them on vacation, especially when they are going to beach or seaside.

Dresslily picks this classic boho-inspired dress for you. Flaunt your pretty shoulders in this dress that drapes beautifully in a breeze ankle-length silhouette and covers in a ditsy-floral print with cinched front and a shirred back to shape the perfect fit. And special pattern in sleeve and hem amps up the chic.

Cut out dress

One of the most popular elements for 2022 this year is hollowing out. Proper cutouts can add a little sexiness and show off your figure.

Looking at this dress. Although the whole dress is pure color without any pattern, it boldly adopts cut out design and then matches it with tied details, as well as the adoption of puff sleeves, sweetheart collar, and ruffles on the dress hem, making this piece looks sweet yet a little sexy. It’s perfect to wear to participate in a garden party.

Pure white dress

The pure white dress is especially suitable for summer, because this color is not only the basic color, but also very fresh and atmospheric, which can easily create a fairy-like sense of sight, no matter how you wear it, you won’t go wrong.

This kind of dress with shirred details, ruffle and cut out design to amp up the sweetness. And the hem flutters with the movement makes you look like fairy.

Celebrating 10th Anniversary of Dresslily: Thank you to our dear friends

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Dresslily as a fashion brand. When I look back on how far we’ve come and all we’ve accomplished, a lot of words come to mind – challenging, fulfilling, unexpected, humbling. But one word specifically stands out – grateful.

Under the witness of everyone, Dresslily has always adhered to the slogan of “praise everyone” and moved forward steadily. It appreciative and indebted to everyone who helped make it soar, especially our customers. None of this would have been possible without every one of you.

Looking back

Our Story

Began in 2013. Over the past ten years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing fashion for women of every size. Now we ship to over 100 countries worldwide and have accumulated 14.7 million registered users. On social media, we have more than 12 million followers, across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our Audience

is a group of powerful, responsible women who do love life and purse happiness. In their daily life, they cleverly deal with trivia and build happiness for the family; In their work, they assume responsibility in a particular arena and they are extremely hardworking. They should not be defined by “standard beauty”, but be praised for their uniqueness and confidence.

Our Mission

is to try our best to cater for all shapes and sizes. We found that the average size of women is size 16-18, while the standard sizes are only size 0-12. They have encountered many challenges beyond their imagination when buying clothes and are extremely eager for a fit, a variety of choices, and self-confidence in any occasion. They don’t need to change themselves, the clothes should fit them better.

Reflecting Today

In the ten years since our founding, we have gradually refined our assortment and developed into a clothing brand with a complete assortment and its own unique style, always keeping in mind our goal of providing fashion and fit for women of any size.

Today, we’re proud to offer more than 10,000 products to try to meet customer needs.








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