Knowing Basic Knowledge Before Buying Wedding Dresses

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While choosing wedding dresses, brides often choose based on their own preferences and body characteristics. But only these two points cannot choose the most appropriate wedding gown. Only by understanding the wedding-related knowledge, can the brides choose the most suitable wedding gown for their own wedding, for the reason that different wedding hem lengths, fabrics, decorations and different colors, all represent different meanings. Let’s lay a foundation for the basic knowledge of the wedding dress.

1. Wedding dress hem
Wedding dress hem’s changes with the history is constantly subversion .Before the First World War, the wedding is usually to length. The last century to the late twenties, shorten the length of the skirt to the knee position, but in the thirties has been stretched to the middle of the calf. Until the mid-sixties, short wedding began to prevail. In fact, the wedding determines the length of your wedding etiquette tone. The longer skirt the more formal wedding, the wedding is a solemn, so choose and place of the wedding is the best. Short mini dress is often deviant who two married couple bride more stylish choice.

2. Wedding dress fabric
What decide the bridal fabrics are many factors such as the style, cut, texture, pattern, and the season of wedding. Even the same style of the wedding, using the same fabric, feels not the same. Undoubtedly silk is the most noble wedding dress fabric, it has inherent delicate texture; satin has a superior gloss; silk satin is hard blended silk and rayon, affordable ; Cha Mi Yousi although silk satin , but very shiny ; textured silk chiffon is tulle; Eugen gauze to light, commonly used as a multi-layer wedding gown.

3. Wedding decorations
In early times, there are little wedding decorations, until 1840, Queen Victoria let fresh orange flower embellished her whole white wedding dress, after that, wedding decorations began to emerge slowly. 18th and 19th century are popular with this argument: the bride's wedding dress was modified more the more beautiful, the bride's family property must be more abundant. And now, apparently the quality of wedding decorations is valued more than quantity. While relatively simple and elegant beaded or embroidered, it made the wedding without losing layering; small and shiny sequins or beading wedding dazzling degree can be increased; while tassels, crystal beads or glass beads flexible use, allowing lively wedding, unique style. Sequin wedding dress creates a gorgeous figure, shining all the audience’s eyesight.

4. Wedding skirt detail
Wedding dress itself is a part of the personality that can best show itself. Today's wedding often in the skirt length, volume, extent and depth of romance make a big fuss: pumping with waist wedding dress can be clever to extend the use of the body to the back of the main ingredient, these fabrics cross wound, and then use some invisible dark button to fix; split and slipknot is designed to greatly improve the wedding sexy degree; delicate lace bride can carve gentle and soft; exaggerated folds make the bride more attractive.

5. Wedding details
Wedding dress coat often add personality through decorative details. Beading and embroidery from the top wedding dress can add a sense of gorgeous; another decorative embellishment vest collar wedding dress, the bride can be more prominently displayed sexy back; Bra-style jacket can be inlaid with crystal crisp fabrics to enhance the aesthetic.

6. Trailing wedding dress
Wedding dress trailing popular in the Middle Ages, at the time, the length and trailing wedding bride is directly linked to social class. Chapels and cathedrals trailing tail is seen as the most formal; Watteau train wedding dress and a small tail just land the floor, no less formal; disassembly can choose any type of tail length, is usually caused by a dark button or hook body with the wedding stationary, so this type of trail is much more casual .

7. Wedding colors
Although now, other designer use another colors to design the wedding , but in addition to a white wedding dress , no other color is more suitable to do a traditional wedding gown , white is the most traditional sense color. Of course, white is also not a monotone color: If white is the brightest purest white, people with dark skin will looks beautiful; While for the silk white, diamond white or natural white, it does not look very awkward; ivory, skin color is more suitable for white bride; champagne, white in the slightly pink, dark complexion girl wearing amazing results will be fantastic, absolutely bright spots.

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